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Ritual the other man performed for the death of a loved one? Nate desperately hoped not. It wasn't until he saw a deep apartamente breath enter L'Armin's body, that the sudden and growing feeling of loss was stunted. He's OK, Helen said, sensing his concern. Thanks. So did he just appear? Nate apartamente de vanzare bucuresti arched his head in apartamente de vanzare bucuresti the direction of the stranger. Yes, then the bar disappeared and we found ourselves here. Wherever here is. The bar had indeed vanished along with all signs of the drunken beings, who Nate was sure he'd been among only seconds before. What had replaced it was far more threatening, with a red sky above offset by a dark purple and rocky landscape below. In the distance, Nate could make out huge cavernous gouges throughout the scene, as well as large apartamente de vanzare bucuresti towering spire like mountain ranges. Wherever they had been transported, it was a harsh and unforgiving place. A dry and particulate wind lashed at his bare skin, stinging slightly as it sped passed. The air lacked any moisture too and made light work of removing what little he'd had in his mouth. Within minutes he could feel small cracks on his lips, as well as tiny grains of black sand sticking to his face. I've apartamente de vanzare bucuresti never seen a place like this before, he said, removing a small piece of grit from his tongue. I doubt any of us have, Sir, Cameron said. All we've been able to ascertain is that we're on some kind of rocky plateau. Only ten or so metres ahead, Nate could see where it ended sharply. Beyond this were other raised areas, similar to theirs, stretching out for many miles around them. They appeared to be roughly in the middle of a large group of plateaus, each many tens of square metres in area. It was a precarious position to be in and one he wasn't about to risk exploring alone in his unsteady state. Separating each raised platform were dark areas of almost black sand that looked like veins against the brighter rocks above. The continual gusts of wind were kicking up the sand in some areas and creating clouds of black material. Although short lived, they were capable of travelling quite far, as proven by the light dusting apartamente of dark sand across google the top of each plateau. Can you help me up? Nate asked, feebly. He'd seen all he wanted of the surrounding geology. Both Helen and apartamente de vanzare bucuresti Cameron made a clumsy grab for the same arm. Helen quickly let go and moved around to the other side to take Nate's right arm instead. Gradually they hauled him to his feet and then held him in place. He shifted the weight from his left leg as soon as he felt the pain return. Though not as bad as before, it remained enough to cause him to hop on the spot until his other leg had taken the added strain. Any idea what we do now? Helen said. This was your plan after all. The plan, of course, Nate suddenly remembered. The killer had to be there, but where? After a quick survey of the surrounding area he spotted the body of the assassin. It was in the same place as earlier. They'd left it alone and still in an awkward position, like it had been dumped there with little thought. Has the killer moved at all? Nate said. No. He's been like that since you collapsed. Our friend here moved L'Armin away so we left it. Cameron squinted, appearing slightly confused. I don't understand what we can do, he's out